Inspiration session

To get those creative juices flowing I offer an 1;1 inspiration session where we dive into your creative vision, gather information and explore fresh thoughts. This is where we get the creative process started.

Brand essence
The brand essence is the soul of your brand, together we will be exploring and defining your brand purpose, message and personality. Your brand essence is your long-term fundament, the cornerstone on which everything else is created. Taking a deep dive into your goals, values and aspirations in order to bring your authentic brand vision to life!
What’s included?
Brand story, purpose, values, mission, vision,
personality and the archetype.

Visual identity

Once we have connected with your brand essence, we can start (re)shaping your visual form. Merging the art of aesthetics with intentional design to capture and transform the essence of your brand into an authentic visual identity that will attract, inspire and connect with your dream client.

What’s included?
Moodboard, logo, icon, color palette, typography, graphic elements and brand guidelines.

Social media design

Investing in your social media presence will make your brand more distinguishable and strengthen your visual form. Unique custom social media templates are key to hold a cohesive online presence that is inspiring, recognizable and attracts your dream client. As a bonus, these templates will make your life and the whole process of content creation a lot easier.

What’s included?
Feed curation, custom templates and highlight icons.

Visual language

Once your brand essence and visual identity are established, we continue to explore your visual form and tell your story visually. Having an authentic, inspiring and cohesive visual language will create emotional responses and build genuine connections.

I can help you tell your brand story visually through photography, creative content, art direction and print or digital collateral. I offer full-service creative support!

No pressure,
just say hi!


I believe in embracing individuality when it comes to branding, understanding and encouraging the uniqueness of every business. I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all packages, instead I offer fully customizable creative solutions that best reflect your specific needs. 

Not sure what you need? Don’t worry, we can look at the possibilities together to find out what you need to bring your vision to life. 

I would love to connect with you! 
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